Elektritek provides consulting engineering services for the power sector with a particular focus on:

• Renewable Energies
• Medium and High voltage power systems.
• Building Electrical Services
• Industrial Plant System Optimization
• Mining Sector Distribution Systems

Elektritek is a professional services company offering the services of specialists in a range of technical, project management, financial and managerial fields, thereby combining their extensive experience in a diversity of disciplines in the power sector.

Elektritek’s fields of specialisation include the following:

• Feasibility, cost estimations and tariff studies
• Renewable energy simulations and designs (PVSyst studies)
• Renewable Energy project implementation, grid code studies and sign off
• Building electrical services design and implementation
• Network and protection studies
• Substation designs - primary plant, secondary plant and civil / structural
• Overhead power line designs (using PLS-CADD & PLS-POLE)
• Energy management and emergency power supply services
• Project and construction management
• Reticulation systems planning, design and condition assessment

Elektritek’s client base includes:

• Developers
• Electrical utilities in South Africa and other African countries
• Municipal electricity distributors
• Industry
• Mining houses
• Specialist contractors
• Principle project professionals